4YOM 1980 Brand New importedYOR 1982A/C working fine*New 4 tyres*Brand new battery with warranty*Newly replaced clutch plates with new clutch barering,Brand new petrol filter,Brand new water pump,Brand new belts,Brand new ignition coil with All Bills available*Recondition japanese front seat set recenly added worth 17000/-*Recently repaired 4 fwd gear box*Brand new water pump,Brand new belts,Brand new water pump,Brand new belts(fan Belt, A/C belt)*Superb running condition*Wide Deep wheels*Wheel arches*Beet silencer*BT player with 4 way speakers & good sub wooferAll meters and lights working FineDoor light, key hole light working Original book with update lisen insurense(Normal b310 eka newei.HB310 1400cc.ac apu model eka.13-####)